How to embed the video in my post?

I don’t know how to embed the Youtube video in my post, I copy the whole Code from the youtube website but it seems doesn’t work.
Am I doing sth not right?

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You just put the URL.


When I put the URL, it seems just show as a link in my post, I wanna show the video without jump to the outside website.

How can I do that like this post?
Magical forest cabin | BetterLightThanNever | Real—Time - Showcase / Unreal Challenge - Unreal Engine Forums

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All I know, is I can paste in a Youtube URL and it appears as an embedded player.

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Double check



It’s done!
Thx a lot!


Ya, exactly paste the URL only.

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Can you please show the screenshot on how you embedded the youtube video.

I pasted the youtube URL and it does create a link that sends me to nowhere, nothing happens when I click on the link.

Here is the screenshot on how it looks:

Is this an issue with the forums live preview? I already wasted more than 2 hours trying to get this to work.

This is slightly different.

Can you just put your link here?

doing this only gives the video thumbnail, but its still not an embedded youtube video, I cant interact with it.

You’ve just put the link. You have to put all the text, including the link.

alright, I am getting more and more confused, I am a noob at forums so can you please explain what this “You have to put all the text” mean?

You need to keep all this text, but just change the link

None of these work, at this point either I am incredibly dumb or somehow I am still missing something.

So does this mean, that BEFORE posting you cant interact with the imbedded youtube videos in your draft?

No, you can’t interact with the preview ( on the right ).


Thank you for explaining that very important detail that had me confused for so many hours, in WordPress and most forums (i think), you can live preview the imbedded YouTube videos and interact with them, hence I was wondering if it was my fault

(edit) It finally works, its just as you said, the live preview was not previewing the imbedded video until it created the post, AFTER I created the post, the embedded video started to work and be interactive.

Thank you so much for your help, hopefully someone else who might also be a noob learns from my mistakes.


I just hit this same issue and the comments here were helpful - you only need to copy-paste the Youtube link URL, nothing else.

However, you need to make sure the URL is in it’s own line, if it’s part of a paragraph with other text the embedding doesn’t seem to work, it just shows a link.

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ClockworkOcean is right.

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