How to efficiently render 3,000 models - Recreation of the stockroom simulation from "The Matrix"

I’m trying to recreate the scene from the Matrix where Tank loads up a giant rack of guns for Neo while in a simulation. The way I’ve done it is create a simple all-white environment where the main character is dragged across the screen in a matinee on a movement track to the location of the racks (t-shirt racks in this case because that’s all I could find). This gives the illusion of the racks closing in on the character, as is seen in the movie. So yeah, that’s all working.

Anway, as you can probably imagine, I have about 3,000 t-shirt rack models on the screen (10 mb each) and this severely slows down the game play, especially on an Oculus rift). The compiled exported project runs smoother of course but it could be better.

As a complete beginner, I’m not quite sure how to address this. Are there best practices in UE4 for displaying that many objects in one level? Perhaps this is a unique situation in that the same object isn’t usually cloned thousands of times for any particular scene. Is there any other way to do this? Perhaps by only showing a few and then replicated the rest with some sort of illusion?

You’ll have to use instanced statich meshes and LoD to reduce performance impact.
Doing that won’t be enough to give 60fps, but will make the scene run much smoother than what you have now.

Yeah Instanced meshes will help. Also 10mb for a t-shirt rack? I feel like I’m missing something, that seems pretty high assuming you’re only talking about the mesh?

did you download those shirts from cadnav? theyre massively high poly for what you need as i used an almost identical model for some actual renders a while back.

Assuming you aren’t planning to do anything with the meshes in the way of animation or physics etc., you can use Rama’s vertex plugin, which allows you to convert 1000’s of static meshes into 1 instanced mesh. see here : A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums