How to edit physX code?

i need help with editing physx. I need to edit it for school project, to show, that it is editable and write tutorial how to do it.

I already create physx.sln and have acess to code, but i dont know how to edit this code. Yes i know, how to code in c++, but there is 19 projects in physx solution and i cannot find anything about it. I already look for documentation, but i found only documentation from nvidia and i don’t know, how is physx connected with ue4.

I also found tutorial from but i dont understad it. Like when he is creating HappyDestructible.h . in whitch project i should create those files.

Or i should edit physx in ue4 project? but then why i have to download physx code and build it and than don’t care about physx projects and work with ue4?

Maybe it is too advanced for mee, but there is no how to start guide or something?

What actully you want to do?

I don’t know. Profesor told me to change somethin, but i dont know what to change.

Maybe i will make just tutorial how to get to code of physx. and ask him what he want to change because i dont know.