How to Edit Parameter Group Data in the Material?

Hi, for today I have to make a material.
I followed a tutorial giving me a dissolve-effect and everything works as expected. Now I have added more parameters to be able to change color/texture, roughness map etc…

I have soo many parameters right now, I want to sort them. I found out that I can give Parameter Groups per Parameter, which would help massivley as I would then separate the parameters of Look and the Function. But I don’t know how to add there groups! In the material Editor, when I click on the material itself and scroll down to “Parameter Group Data” there are Groups, but I can’t type in names and clicking on the yellow arrow also does nothing. The same issue with another material I did for testing reasons…

Can anybody help me? Isn’t a functionality problem but it would be easier to edit with these groups. Thanks in advance!

P.S.: This is how it looks:

Just for posterity - what you do is adjust it at the parameter level (just rename it where you usually select the group), then attach all the other parameters to that particular group later. You can’t adjust it in the group settings in the details panel.