How to dynamically update slate attributes/arguments?

I’m dipping into slate and I understand that there are delegates that you can bind to when certain things happen e.g OnValueChanged for sliders or OnCheckStateChanged for check boxes - however what I would like to do is I have a slider that I would like to dynamically update the value of an editable text box’s text. Equally I would like to be able to enter a value into the editable text box which would update the sliders position and value.

I am already controlling some other functionality with the OnValueChanged, and I can bind to the OnTextCommitted for the editable text box but not sure how to get them both to talk to each other? Is there a way to set the value of a slider to some variable manually which will automatically update the slider when changed?

Similarly with the editable text - is there a variable i can assign to the text which I can then update from the slider values? I feel like slate arguments or slate attributes might be useful but I can’t seem to get my head round them.

I have delegates being called at the moment:

.OnValueChanged(this, &SClass::SetSliderCurrentValue)

.OnTextCommitted(this, &SClass::GetEnteredDBText)

There’s an attribute in slider - .Value that I think I can bind a delegate to but not sure how to go about it?

Got it. For anyone else who is stuck you can create variables and then assign getters to the relevant slate callback which will get updated when the variable does.
For example in the header:

float MyFloat;
FText MyText;

float GetMyFloat() const { return MyFloat; }
FText GetMyText() const { return MyText; }

.Value(this, &MySlate::GetMyFloat)

.Text(this, &MySlate::GetMyText)