How to dynamically add widgets to a grid panel for buff bar?


I’m trying to create a buff bar for my skill system. I have a HUD, which has a BuffBar widget in it, and I have a BuffSlot widget. The BuffBar has a Uniform Grid Panel in which i’m trying to load BuffSlot widgets.

The problem I have is, that when I created the BuffBar, and added the Uniform Grid Panel, the grid panel does not show up under variables when I go to graph. So I can never call it in my blueprint scripts…
I need to be able to call the Uniform Grid Panel so I can plug it into the target pin from the Add Child to Uniform Grid node…

Any ideas why the grid panel is not showing up under variables?

Thanks in advance!

here’s some screenshots for more clarity:

In the designer view, click the uniform grid panel. In the details on the right side, at the very top there’s a “as variable” check box. Check that and it will show up as a variable.

Wow that I missed that! It seems like 12 hours of nonstop blueprint scripting is not good for the concentration lol