How to drop item from Monsters without adding to scene?

Hey guys,

I am making RPG game that has a lot of custom and premade items with blueprint base class.
(ex: MyBaseItem(c++)>WeaponBaseItem(c++)>WeaponItemBP>SteelLongSwordBP)

I wanna drop SteelLongSwordBP item when i kill the monster. But it is just an example. Item that drops from monster will be random item in my asset folder. It can be Steel Long Sword BP, Rusty Dagger BP, Lumberjack’s Axe BP, or Rusty Chain Mail BP.

I was Unity developer and i can do these easily in Unity. But I did not found anything about that in Unreal Engine. All tutorials i saw on web has items already added to scene by manualy.

1-) Is Manual adding items to scene the only thing that i can do?
2-) Should i add All my items to somewhere that is not seen in game and referencing from there to monster loot by using Hide/Show Actor? And is it good way to do it? (assume that I have between 200-400 item)

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Oh not at all.

You can just spawn the item via “Spawn Actor from Class”.

All you will need is an array of all possible drops in your monster (or a more sophisticated system but like something that selects what will be dropped) and then spawn them like this.

I hope that already helps. Otherwise just ask away!