How to draw text on a material

Hi, I am trying to draw text on street signs for my game and I want to create a blueprint in the construction script to ease my workflow. There are so many to create and I want to literally type them. currently i’m create every sign individually in photoshop and its really inefficient and such a pain.

Do you need the text to be in the material? Can’t it just be a Text Render on top of the sign?

If your signs won’t be deforming, Text Render would do just fine.

In your blueprint, click Add Component and find Text Render. It will add the text component, and then you can do everything you want with it, including in the Construction Script.

One drawback is that UE only has one standard font for Text Renders. If you want to use a different font, you need to do some stuff first. Here’s a tutorial that should do: UE4 Tutorial | Import Fonts for UMG, Text Render, etc. - YouTube

Can you explain how to do so? or show me an example of it?

Thanks, this helps a lot