How to draw a movable area for pawn?

Hi there, I’m currently working on a turn based strategy game. I would like to draw an movable area on level, which hints player about the limitation of current character’s max moveable range. Does anyone know how can I achieve such implementation or basic concept? Much appreciate with the helps!

Hi @anonymous_user_1a88dba9! Welcome to the forum!

There are a quite a few ways to implement what you are trying to do, so could we have a few more specifics. Are you going to use a radius? Is this grid based? Is the surface flat, or are you wanting to wanting to go up and down terrain?

Any additional information you can provide should narrow down what it is exactly you want to do and how to implement it!


Yes, I’m going to use radius for each different characters, and the surface will be terrian which player can move to high or lower places. I’m thinking of rendering meshes above terrian but not sure how.

Hey @anonymous_user_1a88dba9!

Okay, since you are doing a tileless TBS, I believe what will work best for you is to use Decals to create your radius. Here is a very similar thread with all of that information and more:

Highlighting an area/rectangle on the floor

I hope the above solution works for you!