How To Download the Default Metahuman Creator Animations?

When using the Metahuman Creator, you can toggle between facial and body animations. And an Idle animation.

Is there any way to download those animation tests, and to run those animations on your character within the Unreal Engine?

Would be cool to use these demo animations to visualize your character, and to make sure all the bones, retargeting, etc. was done correctly.

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Anything on this topic?



Yes this will be awesome.
An simple option check in the Metahuman creator or Bride.
And animation will be part of the same data download with Bridge.


yeah, I agree. The reason I would need this is for example, for performance tests.
If the character is animated, and how costly that is.
Besides that, it would be nice to see your character with a few expressions and movements.
Let’s bring some “life” into your creation.

Besides… I guess… the future… an animation library, with a ton of pre-captured animations.
I guess… that would be the next amazing feature.

Keep rocking, cheers

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I’m seconding this idea, would be great!


Any update?

DITTO… ANY UPDATE? Surprised there is not a default body idle animation sequence

ANY UPDATE? i would love to see this

there are animations in the metahuman base project!

Also, you can retarget from examples:

And here free animations :smiley:

The default animations in the Metahuman creator are beautiful. If they’re currently not downloadable/usable in an Unreal project does anyone know how we could perhaps write formal requests to the Metahuman team? I’m sure they appreciate when users tell them how they would like to use the Metahumans! :slight_smile:

Edit: I made a post with the [Feature Request] title about this here: [Feature Request] Be able to use the default animations from the Metahuman Creator inside Unreal hoping the Metahuman/Unreal team sees these! :slight_smile:



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Push again on May 14 2023

There’d be a lot more “metahuman” content out there if these facial idles and expressions would be downloadable.

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Bumping again if there are any developments.

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I really love the MHC’s idle animation, desperately want to download and attach this animation to my matehuman!

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so anyone has any idea about how to get the default animation?

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Request too

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Give, pls

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Epic loves to see us squirm.

Can someone from Epic please give us insight if this is even possible? This thread is popular enough to draw the eye of an official, I’m sure.