How To Download the Default Metahuman Creator Animations?

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Found this. Not the animations from Metahuman Creator, but still some facial motioncapture to work with.


Are there same animations for UE5.2?

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…My monthly request to Epic to include these animations. :pray: :prayer_beads:

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This please. Dead-eyed MetaHumans are creepy.


Dead-eyed people are creepy.

I’m reupping this request.


Joining the mission to get non-creepy meta humans. Would also really appreciate other options to those beautiful idle animations.

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I am here for this !

Hi! Voice actor here. I have access to Live Link Face and am considering creating a pack of pre-recorded facial expressions to use for metahumans. Would this be of interest?


Thanks man, it works perfectly!

I found the solution. If you download a metahuman form inside of Unreal Engine 5, you will get this animation automatically. The folder path is:

Your project folder\Content\MetaHumans\Common\Common\PoseLibrary\Face\Expressions

Expressions.7z (181.7 KB)

Have a good day!!!
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Hey. Sam, these are just expressions, not the actual animations.

They’re morph targets / poses.

Haha, got me excited for a second. Yeah I am looking for the animation sequence uassets that I can just drag and drop on top of my metahuman face section in sequencer to quickly test any breaking points without having to go to Metahuman Animator and doing a custom performance myself.

Doing my Bits. My vote too for this amazing feature request

in great request


Yes, I would definitely consider buying that. Like the facial expression version of running, idle, crouching, etc.

Yeah, this would be great!

Hi! I created a facial expression animation pack if anyone is interested:

Animated Mocap Facial Expressions in Animations - UE Marketplace (

We need it!!