How to do vextex painting/vertex lighting like in PS1 games?

Hi, I just download a software called SpyroWorldViewer which allows you to view all the levels from the 3 Spyro PS1 games and also see the textures/tiles used. I think it’s a great learning tool because I’m trying to learn level design. A lot of PS1 games (Spyro included) also used “fake” lighting, and had vertex painting/lighting instead but I’m not sure Unreal supports this?

I saw a tutorial about how to do this in blender
But I’m not sure if it’s possible in Unreal? How would I go about doing this?

Here is a forum topic on this on another forum, but I’m not if you might have some different solutions or something to add?

Thanks in advance.

On a side note, I was able to recreate the Spyro gems using a phong shader in Unreal so I know it’s possible to recreate the look somewhat:

For comparison


Unreal Project:

Just found out a way my self, dont know if you found out already, but in case some one is looking in the future.

It is pretty simple, like in the video posted, you only have to multiply the texture for the vertex color node and set the material shader model to unlit, unless you want the model to also cast shadows or receive lighting, then you would leave it in default lit. And if you want a full PSX look set metallic specular and roughness to 0

As an example i imported to UE a room from vagrant story and redid the lighting with vector color.