How to do Real time 3D annotation in VR

Hey guys! I am trying to do 3D VR annotation in Unreal engine (A little bit like google tilt brush, but way less complex, just a 3D line). I have tried making an actor following the finger like on this image, but it creates too much actors and it makes my game lag. Do you have any ideas about how I could work around this problem? I am relatively new to Unreal engine VR, and any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Update #1:
Now i have something that looks like a line(and still looks like ■■■■), but it still has big impact on the game because there is a ton of spline. Do any of you guys know how to create one spine from multiple points?(Location)

All right, spline where the solution. Just create a new one at the end of the user input.