How to do lighting for a flight sim?

How do I do lighting for a flight sim? Areas on the underside of the jet turn out too dark with a directional light from above (sun). The jet is a skeletal mesh. Do I use LightMassImportanceVolume and LightMassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume? Flight area is very large.

I recently started looking into this aspect of development. Excuse me if my questions don’t make sense. Just looking for some guidance.

A skylight should help brighten up the dark area under the plane.

LightmassImportanceVolumes and the IndirectDetailVolume are only interesting for baked lights, which you don´t want to use for a flightsim in my opinion. You can´t bake lightmaps for the huge landscape (well you can of course, but you´ll need a lot of memory and disk space) :-/ . I would go for dynamic lighting, since you want to change from day to night in a flight sim.

And make sure Lower Hemisphere is Black is disabled in sky light’s properties.