How to do any underwater view

I’m working on an underwater city level like rapture in BioShock and I have the postprocess volume set up so when your in the water it looks blue but how can I set it up to see the volume is blue when your not in it as well. Like if I was looking out at the ocean from one of the underwater buildings how would I make it appear blue like this sample image?

would a plane with a water material do the trick?

I don’t think so because from the side you can’t see the texture but the reflection and the color. Kinda like looking at a fish tank lol. Check out the sample pic I added.

Hey dsmccurdy92,

A simple answer would be to create a large one sided mesh that matches the shape of the object you are inside of and place it on the outside of your windows. That way when the character approaches the window, the image wraps around to the corners to provide the illusion of depth.

Adding a couple of soft blue/aqua colored lights will help add to scenes convincing underwater feel. You could also add a bit of an emmissive glow to the material to add to the effect. Let me know if this was effective and you managed to get a working prototype.


This works perfect thanks, just have to remember to set my transparency on that material.