How to do a cubemap on ue/mac ?

I just spent 3 hours trying to understand how to build a very basic cubemap from 6 pictures I have and was unable to progress at all. Unreal proposes 2 tools to create the dds files that only work on Windows and I am on Mac. I manually created a TIF file with my 6 images next to each other and imported it in UE. What’s next to bring this TIF in a CubeMap ? Thanks

Once you’ve made the HDR, it’s a piece of cake now:

Just enable the plugin, restart, drag the HDR actor into your level and point it at your cubemap :slight_smile:

Thanks, I could install the HDRI Backdrop, but my problem remains: How to create a cubemap that I can then assign to the backdrop ?

How you actually make an HDR is external to UE, you can’t do it in the engine.

As far as I know there’s a plenty of tools, but I’ve never done it. Photoshop for one…

Making or finding an HDRI image is not the issue. However I have the impression that UE4 can only make cubemaps from DDS-format files (my HDRI are JPG), and I couldn’t find a way to generate DDS files from Mac.

I just checked some HDRs I purchased, they’re all JPG. I just import them and point the plugin at it.