How to display menu and switch between 2 materials ?

Hi all, and sry for my english :d

I am currently trying to create a architecture demo, with interactions like to change color of sofa, or change floor’s material.

And I need 2 tutorials, video, or explications :

  • about the switch of the material : what is the blueprint for switch wood floor, in marble floor ?
  • a blueprint for display a menu for color/material choice ( very simple, 2 square with 2 colors for example )

Do you have any tutorials or video about this ?


Hello Decod,

The architectural demo that you are working on sounds very cool, hopefully these tutorials will help you out in with what you are looking for.

For switching the material I would recommend checking out this thread from the answerhub.

How do you change the texture on an object with blueprint? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums.

This show how to set up a blueprint that can switch materials based on an input action.

For a display menu I would recommend using UMG. Here is a short tutorial that shows a very basic menu setup similar to the one that you described.

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - UMG - Basic Menu - YouTube.

These two should be able to be combined to achieve the results that you are looking for Decod, and if there is any other information that we can provide just let us know.


Sorry about that. Left a period in at the end of that first one. This link should work.

Good luck on your project,

Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks you for links :wink:
But the first link is down :confused: do you have another tutorial about a texture change ?

thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem Decod. I hope that these prove to be helpful for you.