How to display end game menu in blueprint?

I’m creating a rather simplistic side scroller with a mix of C++ and Blueprint, and need help switching menus.

more specifically, i’ve created a function in C++ which replaces menu widgets(with help from the C++ UMG tutorial) and am trying to, when a “Death box”/“Win box” is entered, call this function to replace the HUD with this menu/screen and display a specific type of text(game over/ you win, etc).

so what i’ve tried doing is calling this function to replace the menu when the death/win boxes are entered, but this seems to have no effect whatsoever.

what am i doing wrong here(screenshots below)?

instead, would it be advisable to call this function when a specific game mode is hit, rather than when these boxes are entered? if so, how?


end game menu(BP)

death box(i’ve removed a similar implementation from the win box until i know how to properly handle this behaviour).

i would just remove the old widget then create the new one. since its the end of the game you wont need the old hud ui so it doesnt matter if its gone.