How to display bounded post process effect without camera enters volume ?

I want o display a pp effect which is bounded to a collision box. Now I want to render that effect in that area without putting the cam inside that volume. Is that possible. The thing I am doing is shiny screen

Can you explain further? Post Process is only applied if the Camera enters the volume.

I want to apply some effect to emissive part of object just like I able to do in pp. I want to display effect without putting camera inside of volume I want to see effect results from outside. Of course my idea can be stupid I just wanted to learn if thats possible.

No, that’s not how the post process works. A post process, by definition, is applied to the screen, not an area of the world. The volume is just used to enable/disable which post processing settings are/aren’t active.

I got it, what do you recommend me for this kind of task based on material’s emissive color if we are talking about a shiny Ad screen or TV screen. Thank you again, I will not lose time on pp.

For a backlit ad or TV screen to glow, multiply your color output by some value (10, 20, 50, depends on your PP exposure settings) then plug int into emissive.