How to display a mesh occlusion culling data performance on the screen ?


I am trying to optimize my map (millions of poly, many k of meshes), and I am using wire-frame to look what my
graphics card is displaying what is not.

What is working ok:
-LOD are working perfectly
-Distance culling also

But not ok is when I am watching into big (not transparent) wall who should hide literally everything behind it,
and it is not working automatically, also I don’t have access to portals/anti portals or any “BSP like” tree. (PC/PS4)

also i am at 3th floor inside the building, and graphics card is still rendering every object on second floor i guess
based on the FPS performance.

if somebody know how to solve the problem and display needed data on screen it will be helpful, thanks!

Best regards,

You can use the console command (in editor mode only, does not work while playing), ‘r.VisualizeOccludedPrimitives 1’

This will render a bounds box when an object is occluded based on the bounds of this box (Green).

The editor already occludes anything not in view. Using wireframe and translucent objects will not show this happening because by the nature of using those methods things are actually in the view of the camera. It’s best to avoid translucency where possible as this leads to overdraw so that objects are not occluded.

I hope this helps.


Thank you it is working !! :slight_smile: - I can see how occlusion is working, but performance is still not ok :confused: I still see big FPS drops
even looking on the flat wall (100% of the screen) if behind the wall it is a lot of objects (for example 3000).

Is there any visibility baking system for PC and consoles similar to mobile ?, or other for example portals based ?

also the very helpful statistics will be access to the number of the draw calls, occluded object, visible object everything
in the realtime - is it possible to display it ? how to do it ?

how the occlusion is working now ? do you have link to the current algorithm version ? is it a half resolution “color only” pre-pass ?