How to discard pixel in material editor?

Can’t find node for discarding pixels

I think there in no such node.

How do you want to do that?

To remove pixels in some area just lerp them by mask of that area and multiply on 0.

To remove pixels by it’s color use IF node.

Well, this command is available in GLSL and in HLSL so thought it’s just named differently

Well, if it avalable in hlsl, use it in “custom” node.

tried it, results in error

At this time it is not possible to discard a pixel from material editor, at least not for all shading models. You would need to modify shader files for that.

As @deathrey suggests, there does not seem to be a way to do the direct discard you are used to from glsl/hlsl. However, you can set the material blend mode to masked. This allows you to supply an Opacity Mask. Setting this to 0 for specific pixels is essentially equivalent to a discard, only it itegrates well with the rest of the rendering pipeline, for example by throwing correct shadows (which a discard would not do in many cases).