How to disable Wind / Foliage movement?

Hi, is there a way to disable foliage movement from wind? Or cancel ‘wind influence’?
I know how to delete it inside a material, but is there some kind of global tick box I can turn on or off?

I don’t think there’s a global tick box, but it’s usually pretty easy to set it to zero in the material instance provided by all assets.

Hi ClockworkOcean, many thanks for taking the time to respond. Cheers!

Hey, might mean adjusting your materials a bit, but if you want to turn off wind effect for all of your foliage in one go you could create a parameter collection and use that as the input values for your wind strength nodes in all of your foliage materials… This would work run-time as well and would also be adjustable, so in-game and in the editor you could adjust wind strength in the parameter collection and it would affect all foliage equally…