How to disable PhysX?

Is it possible to completely remove PhysX from a specific project?

Its binaries take up 27,8 MB on a packaged game. I’d like to get rid of this, it’s a simple quiz game.

Still would like to know this.


Hello Ixiguis,

I believe if you do not have physics enabled then it will not persist to your project. If you have objects with physics enabled inside of you scene then they will be calculated while packaging. I do not believe that the World Settings > DefaultPhysicsVolume can be disabled.


Even without any objects simulating physics, PhysX is still packaged into the game.

But with the engine built from source, there must be a way to disable PhysX? I saw several preprocessors in the code, something like #if WITH_PHYSX (don’t remember what it was exactly), where do I change those #defines? Maybe undefining WITH_PHYSX will solve it?

Hello Ixiguis,

I would not recommend changing your code. I cannot guarantee that it will compile at all after that. The default physics inside of your world settings is built into the framework of UE4. It is not a feature that can be toggled on and off but can be used through assigning physics to individual objects.