How to Disable Frustum Culling for an Actor or Component?


I know I can override the UPrimitiveComponent::CalcBounds() call and return a ginormous FBoxSphereBounds object, and that seems to do the trick. But I was wondering if there is a nicer way to simply have an actor/component never be culled if it falls outside the view frustum or even max render distance. So far I see that the SceneVisibility.h’s FrustumCull() iterates through all things in FViewInfo::PrimitiveVisibilityMap and checks if it is “Visibile” but not seeing some way to bypass that test or if it is possible to not have my primitive in that array (PrimitiveVisibilityMap) or if that is even possible.



Just out of curiosity, why on earth would you need to do this?

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I have created a scene component that renders infinite water in all directions as necessary. However if the view point ends up far enough away that its frustum never intersects with the water component’s defined bounds, it gets culled. I can set the water component’s bounding volume to be huge and that essentially prevents it from ever being culled, but I was curious if there was some other way to keep that component around at all times without this sort of “hacky” solution.

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I see this topic is old but,
I am interested if there is a way to disable culling too. If there are a ton of simple geometries the computation involved with culling is far greater than what is required to render all of the simple objects.

Just wanted to bump this tread up. Encountered problem where sequencer doesn’t update SkeletalMesh master bounds for slave components properly under some circumstances and culling those components out.

Yeah, How to I turn this stuff off bothering me right now.

Hi lol, im also interested in disabling fustrum culling. There are som situations where it is necessary. If im making a videogame where i need to hide from an enemy, and i have a reflective wall on my right, i need to see if that enemy aproaches (because he will reflect in the wall). But since the camera is not pointing at that actor, the enemy is never going to be rendered and its never going to work. Imagine the same thing but instead of a character is a static mesh, that moves or whatever. I mean, how in hell do people things like these?. Ive been trying to find a workaround about camera fustrum culling for days. I come from unity and in there, we dont have these problems at all. There are ways to activate or disable it in a easy way. How the heck do we disable camera culling in unreal engine?? im trying to switch from unity to ue but at this rate and with so many “problems” im finding in the way, im afraid i will go back to unity. People ask other people why to chose Unity over UE, this is one of the great examples why.

Anyone? i guess its time to go back to unity then. Its not worthy all the trouble.


Time for the yearly bump I guess. Also interested.

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