How to disable camera from rotating with the character?

Just detach the spring arm component from the cube, in the component hierachcy.

I am creating a simple game where a 3D cube is moving (automatically on the platform) and the user can only use the space bar button for the cube to jump. I also needed to make rotations when cube jumps, so I Used “AddActorLocalRotation”. Now everything is working fine, Cube can jump and rotate but the camera (on a spring arm) also rotates with the cube. How can I change it? Is there a way to make the only cube rotates without rotations of the camera? Thanks in advance!

I tried to change rotation from relative to absolute, but it didn’t really help. After changing while jumping camera just has strange behavior. It can even get under the platform

Ok, I notice your AddMovementInput is on the whole actor. Can you just use that node on the cube? ( can’t check, not at a machine right now… )

Thanks, man but it didn’t really help. Now spring arm is on the same level with Cube(so they are detached), but it still rotates with cube

Ok, how about disabling this?


It was disabled since the beginning of the project

Maybe the problem with the function I use? I use addActorLocalRotation. Maybe I should use something else?

If you take a standard 3rd person char, and deselect ‘use pawn control rotation’, the swing arm will not move. I guess it really depends on how you set your pawn up.

EDIT: Sorry, I’m not being very useful. Maybe you can tell me about your pawn. Is it standard, can you show the component list? Thanks.

Still thank you for helping, here is picture:

And second pic:

I am sorry, I didn’t really understand what you mean. Is that right what I did(Is that what you meant)?:

Can you help me please?))

Sorry, I’m not getting any messages!

I think this will do it


But I don’t understand how you’re going to follow the player…

No, I still have the problem. Now after jumping Camera rotates and moves in a strange direction (somewhere under the platform). As for me, it is really strange that it is so hard to solve such a problem. I mean literally, every game has a rotation of the character or smth like that. It’ s really weird :frowning:

I just had the problem that the camera followed the character, but didn’t turn. Always facing the same direction.

Can you do a short vid or gif of the problem happening?

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Yea, can I do that tomorrow, please? I just not near my working PC rn.

Hello again, this is the video of my problem:


So when I press spacebar Cube jump and rotates but camera also rotates so it looks like cube is hanging in the air

What is your jump code like?

Can you put a minimal project together with just this character in it, and put it somewhere so I can download it and take a look?

For some reason, the camera is rotating 180 in X when you jump…

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