How to disable black background from texture

Hello everyone. I hope i posted in the right section if not i am sorry. I am trying to create a could particle effect and i created a texture of a cloud with black backgroundLike so and i want it to only display the cloud when i use it in a particle system. How can i do that ? Any links to tutorials is more then welcome. (I’m kinda having trouble how to google this.)Thanks for the help in advance

this should help. Using Texture Masks | Unreal Engine Documentation

in case you want to google it, try something like “ue4 mask” or “ue4 mask tutorial”
“ue4 transparency mask” or something like that :slight_smile:

Ok great thanks will do !

Hi I know this is probably very outdated but incase anyone else stumbles across this here’s what I figured out: I learned if its a texture sample where you want to get rid of the black background then go to the material blueprint and set the blend mode to masked and drag out of the alpha channel from the texture sample node into the opacity mask. That should help get rid of the black background within the editor

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