How to disable arrow in Widget Interaction Component for VR preview

I found severals tips in answers hub archive but all of them doesn’t work anymore, seems that debug arrow is hardcoded when using it with editor VR preview.

I disabled “show debug” and “Visible” options and still big arrow is visible for widget interaction component attached to VR hand (cause very difficult to debug close interactions)


I checked current UE source (WidgetInteractionComponent.cpp) and seems that ArrorComponent is always visible. Any workaround except recompiling and patching UE?

	ArrowComponent = ObjectInitializer.CreateEditorOnlyDefaultSubobject<UArrowComponent>(this, TEXT("ArrowComponent0"));

	if ( ArrowComponent && !IsTemplate() )
		ArrowComponent->ArrowColor = DebugColor.ToFColor(true);
		ArrowComponent->AttachToComponent(this, FAttachmentTransformRules(EAttachmentRule::KeepRelative, false));