How to differentiate different surfaces in the same Mesh


so I am creating a Sound Design for the Assetville Demonstration Map and stumbled across the following Problem.

I want to implement Footsteps and usually I would do that by setting various Physical Materials, associating them with their corresponding Surface and so on.
In this Project that’s a little bit more problematic it seems, because there are Assets like this one, that are not brushes or separated in any way but rather a static mesh .

So in my mind, I would have to do “a lot” of math and get the measurements for each mesh that is similar to this. Is there any easier way to do this? Also this is probably not the most common way to create level right? It seems not very practical to use meshes like this

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Reading texture color data using UV values you could do this with a linetrace downwards. And e.g. use a dirt sound for a brown color, a grass sound for a green color etc.

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Physical materials masks:

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That could work. Thanks

Thanks for the reply. That gave me some idea how Landscapes work. Gonna have to look into it further though.
Since there is no Landscape by default and everything is meshes, I can’t “just” use the Paint Tool. I would need something invisible masking the dirt areas that lays on top of the mesh.

Should work with static meshes:

You’d need to create a mask outside the editor.

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Will try, thanks