How to determine whether an object is visible to a camera?(was recently rendered only work for screen camera)

How to determine whether an object is visible to a camera?(
"was recently rendered "only work for the camera that shows on the screen,
Since I have multiple cameras in the level, I wanna know if I can get rendered objects in these cameras’ view

Off the top of my head I would use Dot product from the camera to the other actor and check if it’s in a certain range.

Do you want a reference to the object itself, or would it be enough to somehow highlight it?

I just need the object name of those objects, or I may query if one object is in this view one by one ,thank u

thank u , but that couldn’t result in a perfect judge

Because it could be behind walls? Once it is in the cameras FOV do a linetrace and see if anything is blocking it.

If you want to check for pawns you could attach a Pawn Sensing Component to the camera.
Or do what MMMarcis suggested.
Anything else would presumably be less accurate, or a lot more work.