How to determine the end of the line in a multi line text box?

I created a widget which consists of multi line text box. It works in a pretty neat way which means it accepts input and when the characters in a single line exceeds the amount specified in wrapping of text, it goes to the second line. But is there anyway to know that the cursor has reached the end of a line so that the text box stops reading the input from keyboard? Thank you.

New line is character of value 10 or 0A in hex:

Note sure if you will able to catch this n blueprint as they may ignore this character, it should way easier in C++ if don’t find way to do it in blueprints. All you need is to do is find “\n” which translated to new line character used in platform (in most cases 0x0A).

Thank you. I’ll have to find a way see if it is possible in blueprints then.