How to Detect Motion Controller Trigger Held Down

Hi. I am trying to fire a weapon off holding the motion controller trigger being held down. Currently off the input ‘motion controller trigger’ i fire once, but am stuck how i read a hold to tell how long i should fire for. I don’t see a trigger down or trigger up input in the list. Has anyone set this up before that can show me the light? Thanks!

One way to solve this is to create a isFiring boolean variable. Set it to True when the trigger is pressed, set it to False when the trigger is released (input events).
Then, inside your Event Tick, you can check for the status of the isFiring variable and act upon it.

My problem is that there is no trigger is released input in the list of input to pick from, only ‘trigger’. With the mouse inputs, there is a press and release input I can read for example.
INput options.png

If its called something else, please tell me. This is my first VR game and there are these hidden gotchas, when i i already know how to do something in an fps environment. What I am trying to do now is use the Trigger Axis node to read how much of the trigger is pressed down. I haven’t gotten it to work yet. Have you used this method before? I think 0 = not pressed and 1 = fully pressed, the documentation that i have found on the node is not great.

Ok I figured it out. I was trying to use action mapping bindings to kick off the firing events so i could get this to work across multiple devices easily. In this list, trigger release is not an option (i am piggy backing off the setup in the VR starter map):Input Action Settings.PNG

But if i drop the MotionController (L) Trigger node straight into my blueprint, then i see the messages you are talking about. D’oh. Thanks!

Cool! Glad you solved it.