How to destroy static mesh inside blueprint?

I want to destroy “Static Mesh” when my character overlap/hit them. I can do this simply. But in blueprint I can’t understand. I know there are some bugs in destruction on blueprints. But as I’m beginner maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Here what I did:

Step 1: Duplicate the SM_Rock. Set collision to 26DOP.
Step 2: Made it destructible (DM). Applied Fracture thing.
Step 3: Create BP based on DM.
Step 4: Tick “Simulation Generate Tick Events”.

Whenever I tick “Simulate Physics” rocks doesn’t appear at all. When I untick rock appears but they destroy automatically as I can’t untick “Start Awake” option without “Simulate Physics” option.

How to solve this problem?

Apply some damage to it.

But how? Rock doesn’t appear at all when I tick “Simulate Physics”. How can I apply damage?

“Hit event” connected to “destroy actor”

No no. This is not what I want. I want to explode rock. I know I can use “Destroy Actor” but I want to explode it in pieces.

Apply damage to the destructible mesh.

If you want it to explode (rip apart) then spawn a RadialForce Actor

Thanks adding “Box Collision” works. But what was the problem with rock? Can’t I directly fire overlap event with rock?

Ok got it. Just set the collision “Overlap Only Pawn” and when overlap I destroy the rock without Box Collision. :slight_smile: Thanks Man. :slight_smile: