How to Destroy a UDestructibleComponent (UDestructibleMesh) from code?

I’m trying to Destroy a UDestructibleComponent the player can hold in his hands and break with the press a button, but i can’t, i can’t find any methods about that, from c++.

if someone can help in achieving this, in any possible way:
i want the player to be able to grab Destructible Meshes that ignore the collisions with pawns (the player), but break if colliding with anything else with enough force.
This means that the Simulate Physic on the Destructible Meshes should be On and check for Block Collisions and eventually break it, While at the same time, i need to set its location from code.
I tried but it doesn’t seems to be possible, it believe it is not something supposed to happen,
does any of you have any ideas? workarounds? suggestions?