How to despawn emitter?

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I’ve set up this basic blueprint that spawns a fire emitter by the player’s feet if they stand in a fire. All I would like to know is how I would despawn the emitter at the player’s feet when they walk out of the fire after 1 second. Thanks.

What you could do is when your player enters the radius, you spawn the emitter like you have but then you set that as a variable. Then when OnEndOverlap is triggered there is a delay followed by a DestroyComponent on that fire variable.

Heres a quick example I came up with -

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This worked, but now I’m wondering if there’s a way to gradually fade the fire away, to make it look more natural.


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What you want to do is change the DestroyComponent node with the Deactivate node. The deactivate node will prevent the particle system from spawning any new particles, but it let the existing ones live out their life.


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Dude, you are a genius. Thank you so much. If I need you again (which I may do soon), can I like PM you or something (if it’s not a bother)?

Im no genius, ive just got little over a years experience now, you’ll be able to do all this stuff by yourself in no time!

Thats no problem at all, im happy to answer any questions you have, although I might not be able to answer them all, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Of course you can still use the answerhub and get answers from other, even more experienced people!

Glad I could help

Thanks man, you’re a life saver