How to design your own structure

So I’m fairly new to Unreal studio, with no prior game engine knowledge. I’ve been following the tutorials on this site for a couple of days now, however, there are some learning paths like “how to become an architectural visualizer”, and in those learning paths, they always start off the tutorial with a scene imported from 3Ds Max, or Maya. Some of the tutorials on Youtube also do this, first creating a structure in a separate program, and then importing it to Unreal.

In the future if I’m looking to design quality games, do I have to do the same - design something elsewhere, then import it to Unreal? Or can I just do everything in Unreal?

Hi, you can’t make 3d models with unreal engine you would have to make those in a 3d modeling program like blender, maya… then export them to unreal engine.

You also might wanna make the 3d models modular so you can build larger structures in unreal engine using them.

Actually it’s possible to get a lot done just by using the Geometry Brush tools. Of course feature-wise they’re not as extensive and powerful as a dedicated 3d modeling package, and not as performant, but if you’re just getting started out they can help immensely. Couple that with some free 3d model, textures, and materials from the marketplace and you can get pretty far without having a dedicated artist. Check out this video for an example of what you can do with the Geometry Brush tools. Good luck!