How to deploy applications with nDisplayLauncher?

A new system called nDisplay came out with UE 4.20. I am very excited about it. I packaged a simple application using the nDisplay template and tried to deploy it to another PC in network with nDisplayLauncher. I have followed the steps in docs. But when the application was deploying I got an error that made the deployment can’t be done. I found there was an explanation in doc which is “Make sure that the Windows account you intend to use on the master computer has administrative rights on all computers you intend to use in the nDisplay network.” That is the reason. But I don’t how to solve it. Please help me with it, anyone, thanks!

qq:474897922 我也在弄多显弄出来了,但不知道他的立体画面怎么弄出来,我看你提的问题应该是局域网没有连通,有兴趣可以一起讨论一下

yes I have similar problem, it wont deploy. Please help