How to deplete mana while being attacked while blocking?

I just bought the rpg toolkit and I’m trying to change some stuff. I need the mana to reduced while I’m being attacked while blocking and not able to block without mana. Does anyone know how? Help would be highly appriciated.

You should probably ask in the thread dedicated to the toolkit you are using. I’m unsure which you are using, but here are links for threads for the RPG Sample Game and RPG Template.

If you are using a toolkit I would follow Monokkel’s advice. Should you be creating your own work you could try something like this…

I can’t find the Update animations

It was just an example event. You’d probably want to update animation after blocking and unblocking so I threw it in there.

Still can’t find a node to place there T_T

There is not an “Update Animation” node. I just made a custom event for demonstration purposes.

Have a look here: