How to deny blueprint effects in-game?

Hello! I’ve run into a problem with my development, and I’d like to know how to solve it.

Essentially I got cubes that once are shot, they expand.

I wanna create a “reset” button, so when the player uses that button, all of his previously expanded cubes will return to normal. Each cube expands differently.

So far, when that button is pressed, it activates a “Get all actors with tag” (since all of the expanded cubes got said tag), but now I can’t figure out how to make all of those cubes return to their default values.

Thanks in advance

You’re on the right track; after your Get All Actors with tag node, drag the Out Actors pin, and search for “Length” to get the length of the out actors array. Add a ForLoop node after your Get All actors with Tag node, with the first index being 0 and the last index being the Length value you pulled from the out actors array. Drag off of your out actors array again and search for Get (A Copy), using the Index value from your for loop to determine which copy you’re grabbing. Then on the return pin, drag off and search for Cast To [Name of your cube BP] and use the Loop Body event pin to drive the delegation of that task. From there you can drag off of the Cast To node and set the scale of the code to whatever amount, for each instance that you have in your level.

I’ll only have UE4 available to me on monday, and then I’ll post a proper answer and try it out!