How to delete project? No more "delete" option by right-clicking project in launcher?

Before, if you right-clicked the project on the launcher library there was an option to delete the project. Now that option is gone, apparently.
So how is the proper way to delete a project? Should I just delete the project folder?

After the last launcher update I noticed the same thing. Some clarity around this would be great. Hopefully we can get the delete button back.


yeah is kinda nonsense they took it away from us… now we need to delete the folders? i dont know its weird


Yeh just noticed this myself, went to delete some test projects and delete button is gone completely. This is stupid. What was the point in removing it.


I found the same just now. Some clarity would be nice to help us out!


Yeah it sucks. But for now deleting the project folder does seem to work…


I think they have removed that option. It could be a page from Unity’s Lanucher. They’ve always had it so you had to delete the folder.

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Seems like the only way to do it is clik the “show in folder” and delete project there

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Same problem here. It’s good that I’m not the only one, with other problems I haven’t had the same luck. I guess I’ll have to delete the folder, it’s not a big deal. But it is strange.

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Agreed , just noticed this , odd to say the least.

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