How to define owning connection for Actor Component?

I am working on a Networked game.
I have an Actor Component attached to the Player State. This Actor Component uses a tick event that calls a server RPC function. This call returns the following error in the output log every tick:
LogNet:Warning: UIpNetDriver::ProcesRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor GameplayPS_C_3. Function RegenerateStamina will not be processed.

I believe this error message is only called when a client tries to call that server RPC function on a PlayerState that is not owned by the client.
The Actor Component works as intended, but the error messages get in the way when I try to debug, and they annoy me.

My issue can be reproduced with the following steps:

  1. Create a firstPersonTemplate project
  2. Create a new PlayerState, and ActorComponent
  3. Add the PlayerState to the Map’s GameMode
  4. Add the created ActorComponent to the PlayerState components-list
  5. Open the ActorComponent, create a Custom Event, set Reliable, Replicated to Server, make that function print something.
  6. Call that function with the tick-event in the ActorComponent.
  7. Change Play Settings to “4 Players” (something > 1 player)
  8. When you run it the Output log will print an error much like the one I provided. Ex:
    LogNet:Warning: UIpNetDriver::ProcesRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor PS_Test_C_2. Function asd will not be processed.

//Best Regards, Albin