How to debug my shader files?

  1. At first , I finished that:
    1)In “Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables.ini” set r.ShaderDevelopmentMode=1 r.DumpShaderDebugInfo=1 r.DumpShaderDebugShortNames=1.Just remove ; before these words.
    2)Set the sln(codes get from github) configuration as DebugGame. The ShaderCompileWorker is using Debug_Program.
    About RenderDoc: GitHub - baldurk/renderdoc: RenderDoc is a stand-alone graphics debugging tool. , I configured it according to the, and captured the frame to review the drawcalls.

I captured frames by renderdoc. The shader codes are assembly codes like these:
*Shader hash 80cc2f16-4d7ef57b-02cb9e21-cf91e652

dcl_globalFlags refactoringAllowed
dcl_input v0.xyzw
dcl_input v1.xy
dcl_output o0.xy
dcl_output_siv o1.xyzw, position
0: mov o0.xy, v1.xyxx
1: mov o1.xyzw, v0.xyzw
2: ret*

Are there someone know how to debug it like hlsl on Nsight?