How to deal with many landscape materials?

So from what I’ve seen in tutorials is that in order to paint materials into a landscape, you have to make one single material blending all the different maps of different materials into a layer blending node.

what if you already have a large number of materials, say 10 or more megascans for your landscape? is there a more practical way of doing it than dragging all the individual maps?

The layer blend node is the only way to paint on landscape as far as I’m aware. If you’re looking at 10 layers you’ll probably want to combine some of your maps under 1 texture wherever possible. It was a while ago that I read it so I don’t know if it’s changed since I’ve never pushed it that far, but there was a limit on how many texture samplers you could use in a landscape mat. Good luck. =)

If you change the textures to shared Wrap you shouldn’t have a limitation.
However more then 3 layers on the same tile is a huge performance hit.
Shader complexity is usually flagged red and fps on a no tris project run down below 30 at 4k with some simple PP options.

I have been having way more luck painting procedural foliage. A hack if you will. For mud I’m painting planes with some tessellation that dip below the surface. There is almost no performance cost compared to the landscape layers (go figure).

Convert your materials to material fonction, drag n drop all material fonction into the landscape material and blend them with landscape layer blend, when you compile your landscape material, you should see, in terrain tab, all the layers you created in the layer blend node, you have then to press the + button to create layer info, then you can paint layers manualy, or import a weightmap made in an external tool ( right-click on layer, import from file )