How to deal with both Oculus and Vive attached to PC

So I have both the Oculus and the Vive attached to the same computer. If I launch a game from SteamVR it works with the Vive. If I launch a game from the Oculus store it’ll show on the Oculus.

Currently, If I launch my Unreal project (from the desktop) it’ll show the tracking from the Vive on screen, but nothing shows up in the Vive headset. I had to unhook the Oculus and kill Oculus processes in order to get the Vive to work.

Is anyone have this kind of setup? In UE4 can I explicitly switch between Oculus and Vive when they’re both attached?

One workaround is to disable the plugins for the other headset in that project. Kismet, for example, (I suspect) uses UE4 and asks you which headset you have. Although, it could be separate binaries since it asks before launching.