How to custom editor for my customized aseet

Dear community.

I have some trouble that I already custom a asset object, but I don’t know how to custom a editor for it.


class UMyObject : public UObject{

// content...   



class UMyObjectFactory : public UFactory

virtual UObject* FactoryCreateNew(UClass * InClass,
UObject * InParent,
FName InName,
EObjectFlags Flags,
UObject * Context,
FFeedbackContext * Warn,
FName CallingContext) override
    UMyObject* MyObjectAsset = NewObject<UMyObject>(InParent, InName, Flags);


Now, I create a MyObject asset in content browser, click it, a default editor created with menu, toolbar and details panel, how do I add viewport panel or some else panel into the editor window. Delegate? or something else?