How to "cull" landscape textures over distance?


I’m not much of an artist nor have I played around with the materials/rendering stuff of the engine, I was wondering if there’s a node or something that reduces the quality of the material, kinda like how the culling works except for the landscape material. In Unity I used something on the terrain settings which let me adjust at what distance the textures would blur out, increasing the performance drastically. I bought a material pack from the marketplace and applied them on my landscape material, problem is the materials include heightmaps/tesselation, which get applied to the entire landscape and I don’t know how to tell the material to fade/cull the textures after a certain distance.

Any help would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

Don´t know the material from market place. But if you tessellate the hole landscape, you get too many triangles.
In this case, use “distance based tessellation” in your material.

Does this works for the normal and displacement map? I want to make the detail of the entire material low, my game will use Silent Hill’s trick of fog optimization :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, you can lerp between a normal map and a 0,0,1 constant, or a texture and another texture based off of the pixel depth (which is pulled from the G-buffer), but I’m not sure if doing this will actually help performance because the extra instructions spent on the check takes time. I know you can implement LODs for static meshes and specify lighter materials for them, but I’m not aware of a way to do this in landscape without making the shader itself more heavy through the depth check+lerp. You’d probably have to do some fancy coding with the way textures mipmap in order to get the results you want.