How to cull actors on mobile devices?

From my understanding you can’t use culling on mobile because of the performance cost.

My game is a massive warehouse with lot’s of racks. The view distance is limited to about 10 feet using exponential fog (completely black 10 feet from the player).
I don’t want to render anything that the player can’t see. It is completely unfeasible to render every rack in the warehouse at once.

As of right now, even though the fog blocks the view of almost every object, they still get rendered.

Is there any way to render actors within a certain distance to the player, or is it impossible on mobile?
Maybe there is some alternative method that can achieve this?

Mobile can do dynamic frustum, occlusion and distance culling just fine. Just set render distance of each object to 10 feet + object radius and you are fine.

You can use instancing (HierarchicalInstancedStaticMesh) to optimize handling of many similar objects. And use cull distance in it.
Or, as @Kalle_H said, use simple MaxRenderDistance property in static mesh actors placed in level.

The desired max draw distance property?

Yes, exactly.

You may want to take a look at our documention. We’ve recently published five new pages covering the different culling methods (even ones that work on Mobile!).