How to create this nice effect ?

Hey guys,
I just found a nice effect which i would like to recreate in UE4, unfortunately i’m not so much in into Particle effects and Blueprints etc… for now.
Is there any good tutorial out there for a simialr effect or can someone explain me how to recreate this kind of effect?

Here is the link… please start from 1:35 to see what i mean, it’s a kind of fyling dust in the wind…


Check out vehicle game in the marketplace, it has some dust particle effects.

Many Thanx Jacky, i even didn’t noticed this effect before in the Rally demo…
So this effect is basically done with a plane and the Material M_Desert_Fogsheet, is this right ?

hi. for me, i introduced myself to particle effects on youtube:
that was very helpful to create my version of a dust effect.
it also takes vector fields in consideration which makes everything look more dynamic/realistic. i use it and would consider it in your case too.
good luck.

hey hmint, thank you very much for the links… the marktplace samples are really great but i’m always looking to understand something not just copy and paste, so it’s cool to see how this really works from srcatch…

Another really good series is the videos that were just posted to the UnrealEngine YouTube page 3 days ago. It is an 11-part series (at the moment) and goes over everything you need to know to start out making your own particles.
Highly recommend it!

Here is the playlist:

Nice! Thanks for posting this.