How to create this look for mobile ??

Hi all,

I’ve been scratching my head lately to achieve an effect similar to the attached image.
Got to do this on mobile and specifically for a low end one.
This means i cannot do a dynamic light & change the shadow color.
Also thought up of using LUT’s, but LookUp are expensive and are pretty useless if you try and do a procedural mesh/environment.
Can someone suggest any inputs on how can i go about it?

Thanks. Have a good day.


What exactly is that look you are trying to achieve?
I just see a cube with a background here…

Hmm… just googled and found out the tech terms, so i’ll reframe my questions.
How to implement a toon shader for mobile?? Something like a cel shader?
I’ve seen a prominent 2D engine (traversing to 3D) do that in their sample project.

Here is a clearer reference to something i want.
Something like the B/W monkey in the picture.

I’ve seen some fake dynamic lighting techniques here

Wondering if i could do something in there to achieve something similar to the image i attached.

Hmm… i’ve looked around the forums.
I found a few attempts. Something that really blew me away was the material by this guy here . Seems like UE4 Japan has already integrated it into the engine.
I’ll try and make this material from what he’s written on his blog.

Also this material, which does not depend on a PPV or DSM is here . Absolutely stunning. Hopelessly i couldn’t try it out as of yet.
Does UE4 have any plans to integrate this shading model within the engine?
I sincerely believe it’s worth it, considering PBR isn’t the look you’re always gunning for.

Anyone with any ideas on how one should go about, to achieve something similar?