How to create this kind of particle? (GIF attached)

I want to get similar effect(link) of my particles, but I just can’t get an idea of that ribbons.
How to create that “random motion” of purple lines? I don’t wan’t to use splines, 'cause it’s cheaty.

And who is the author of this vfx?

first of all, anything in games is cheaty, as long as the end result looks good.
If you think you can achieve that result with splines go for it.

second, the author of those vfx is one of the better ones in the industry and most of us respect him beyond comprehension.

There are multiple ways to make an effect like that, some use meshes with a sphere texture panning over it.
Others, like the original author of that effect actually made a polygon move along a spline in 3dsmax, and after importing the animation attached a sphere particle to it in the animation editor.

there is no random motion, its all well thought off and animated in 3dsmax.

for the trailing, original author uses animtrail data, but a regular ribbon can also work.
if you googled “ue4 ribbon tutorial” your first hit would be: Intro to Cascade: Creating a Ribbon Emitter | 08 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube which explains it in detail.

Good luck recreating this, because even the bigger fish in the vfx pool find it rather hard.

It’s ChengGang, full video link

Thank you for an answer!
Can you give me some advices about advanced particles creation? Where to get an information about creating them? And where I can find good authors of cool effects? (like artstation, but for fx-creators, maybe?)

sources are hard to find, I got quite a few tutorials on my channel:

and my particle-fav list on youtube has a massive array of vfx videos for inspiration.

Oh, so it’s your channel! Great work, thank you very much for doing this!