How to create teleport between two levels?

Hello everybody !
I’m actually creating an RPG game but I encountered some difficulties for the teleport system between two levels. For example, I have a level for a fortress and I have another one for the surrounding forest. So I would like to bound them via the gate.
I’m French so I hope you’ve understood me. Thanks.

You could just use the node “Open Level” when interacting with the door and open the appropriate level.

If you have multiple locations you will have to add a “SpawnPoint” type of thing which you provide to the level when you move into it so it can place you in the correct spawn location and you can have more than one per level which would be quite restraining.

Thanks for your answer. But can you explain me more precisely what is “SpawnPoint” and how to use it because I didn’t find it. Thank you again !

Hello Charognard,

I had similar question at some point and this tutorial helped me:

The part that is interesting for you starts at around 9 minutes. There he demonstrates the use of the “Open Level”-Node.

Good luck,

That’s something you will have to add by yourself.

You could use a “target point” which is already an object with no visible element. You could use "Player Start"s. You could do your own actor.

Ok thanks, but it does two hours I’m searching for a solution, but it doesn’t work. I create two levels. One of them contains a teleport blueprint with “open level” node to the other one which contains a “player start” component. Sorry but I really don’t see how it work. Please can someone help me ?

In fact, what I change map, only the camera is teleported but my character doesn’t follow. Secondly, I can’t change the origin location and rotation of it. Please can somebody help me ?

Thank you so much for this response. I was looking for an easy way to change levels and this did the trick.